Bears vs Art


His peaceful living was disturbed

Meet Rory, our lovable bear, who lived peacefully in the woods. He lives his days reading the newspaper or fishing at a nearby river. Then one day, a snooty millionaire came to implant multiple museums in Rory’s woodland paradise. The museums drew people into the woods. Rory didn’t understand what was all the fuss with these people entering the museums just to stare at ‘squares’ that didn’t have any concrete meaning at all. Rory grew mad and vowed to destroy all these ‘squares’ or paintings, which by the way costs 6 dollar figures.

Rory is a Rampaging Contrary…


Rory goal is to destroy all paintings in the museums. He hates all of them, especially the abstracts. By tapping on a direction, Rory will rampage into a wall. Then you can tap to the next direction to lead him to the next destination. Think about billiards without the ricochet. He hates the museum so much he doesn’t mind to be continually banged on walls just to get the chance to paw those paintings into shreds ala Fruit Ninja. To destroy a painting, Rory has to be near and claw it.

Lead Rory to destroy all paintings! Bears vs Art #puzzlegame #reviews

To enter a museum, you will have to let go of a paw unit from the paw meter. It serves as a ticket to enter a museum. When you retry a room, it will cost you a paw. Once your paw meter runs out, you have to wait for awhile for it to refill. You can request friends to refill your paw. Or you can pay for the refill instantly. As you play, you will also earn skill points, which you can use to train Rory for Savvy, Intelligence, Cunning, and Speed.

Rooms get additional challenges by integrating time limits, move limits, people to avoid or remove from the museum, spikes, beams, teleporters, etc. There is a variety of complexity for each room. In one room will be a move limit that you have to strategize your moves like you would in chess. In another room, you will be given a time limit to remove all people in the museum that you can have an exhilarating time frenzy. At times, both time and move limits are implemented, calling for a strategic way of thinking to get through that level. Each room is short and has different arrangements that the variety helps to not make the game too routine as you progress.

There are tricky levels. If you get stuck on one, there are a number of ways to get over the frustration. First, you can use the hint meter, which I think is partly helpful because you will only be shown 2 moves. If the level has a move limit of 10 moves, you will need to use 5 hints to view all 10 moves. Also, hints always start with the first 2 moves. So if you already got 5 paintings and you need a hint where to go next, you are out of luck. You will need to use more hints to get to the stage you are already at. It feels quite expensive to use so hints so these should be used wisely. Second, you can skip a level for free within 24 hours. Third, you can rely on costume and skill upgrades you can get for Rory.


Rory knows how to dress to kill. Costumes are available to jazz up our lovable bear. Costumes by default don’t give anything special, but they can be upgraded for bonus skills and powers. I think upgrading costumes is much more reasonable than buying a new costume since it isn’t that easy to earn coins and costumes costs a whopping 1000 coins. The costumes look like something that are worthy to collect, but that leisure might be only available for hardcore players willing to pay for extra coins.

This game is charming

Even with a premise of an angry bear destroying expensive pieces of art, the game exudes charm with its playful artsy havoc of abstract and bear versions of modern art such as Vincent Bear Gogh, Abearican Gothic, Demoralized Future and more. There are also cuts scenes showing pretentious conversations between modern artsies .The most memorable part though is when Rory shows you his giant near-tear eyes when he fails a game. It makes you want to reach out for a stuffed teddy bear to hug. These little visual charms combined with terrific room puzzlers – makes this game one of a kind.




Bears vs Art is a charming, polished and lovable game. Much as I am a lover of museums and I don’t agree on Rory’s way of destroying pieces of art, I definitely enjoyed Rory’s frenzy to obliterate the bane of his existence. I highly recommend this game to anyone. You will never be bored in this game.

RATING: 5 / 5 stars      

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