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It’s subconsciously surreal but ethereal

Imagine a 3D world within a surreal environment. Atmospheric albeit a bit creepy vibe surrounds this world. Still, beauty is imminent on anything that is weird yet harmoniously works with the within complex subconscious. It is here that Bob sleepwalks to find his bed within a dream where the subconscious blends itself with real world items.

A flying hat that crows subs as a sleepy lullaby, roving eyes line cemented walls, the moon-eyeball eerily follows Bob wherever he goes (if that isn’t creepy I don’t know what is). Bob isn’t aware of anything as he walks in a straight line and always turn clockwise whenever his path is blocked. Bob should not fall at the edge of any path or he will wake up.

A sidekick guards the boss

Make sure Bob doesn't fall of the edge

Make sure Bob doesn’t fall of the edge

Meet Subob, Bob’s subconscious guardian. You control Subob to pick up objects, particularly apples, since apples do save the day, and block Bob’s path and steer him to the right direction to where his bed is located. It is up to Subob that Bob doesn’t fall off any edge.

if you want to travel within a beautiful, surreal and puzzling world of dreams, this is the game to play. Back to Bed #puzzlegame #reviews

Due to its 3D attribute, surprising mind-bending elements can also be found, adding another layer of game complexity.

My annoyance is derived from control schemes that challenges your reflexes to hurriedly pinpoint an exact square location. Something about the imagery is hindering exact touchpoints, which is undoubtedly frustrating since there are moments Subob has to make calculated moves with right timing to thwart Bob’s imminent fall to doom.

There are two ways to control Subob. You can use an on-screen controller or use finger drag-and-top method. I’ve tried both. I have an easier time moving Subob with my finger, but it is frustrating to not tap/land on the exact square I need. This annoyance on the control scheme is forgiven by Bob’s resurrecting capabilities every time he falls off the edge.

In essence, there are two chapters of dreamworlds Bob and Subob has to trespass to finish the game. There are two additional worlds that are labeled Nightmare. Nightmare chapters bring you back to the first two chapters of the game with an added twist of picking up keys to enter the bedroom door.

It doesn’t sound much, but it adds another level of intricacy from adding a new objective to rethink a new strategy from the same gameplay.

There is not my storyline but the game has enough eye candy to compensate. Through the whole game is a riveting audio of zen-like music and snoring sounds that might make you want to snooze yourself after playing.




Back to Bed poses a real treat to those who wants to travel within a surreal world of puzzle art. Despite some of its control issues, the game has enough strategic bizarre but beautiful mind-bending gameplay that could last for hours.

RATING: 4.5 / 5 stars      

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