Angry Birds Stella Review

Rovio recently released a new Angry games titled Angry Birds Stella, featuring new characters, story and set of moves adding new strategies for your gameplay.

Antry Birds Stella

A differentiating factor of Angry Birds Stella is its aesthetics seemingly geared to the female audience. All birds are females (well, except for one), visuals in majority are in pastels, often you will hear the birds giggle and primp themselves up with outfits you acquire. You can wear a wig, shades and other items. These elements somehow connote our main pink bird, Stella, and her friends, as teenagers, who easily gets angry but is very happy hanging out with friends, even when preparing themselves to be flung to the pigs’ defenses.

All visuals look amazing with the standard Angry Birds design overhauled with sharp, vibrant images that look charming and pretty. Not to mention, the animations are darn cute. Ever imagined a pink bird taking photographs as her companion gets ready to be thrown to pigs?

Angry Birds Stella world

Nothing much has changed with the the premise of birds wanting payback to mean pigs by pulling a bird backwards on a slingshot launchpad, then letting to to propel it through wood, glass, concrete, and, well, into the soft, cushiony flesh of a pig. Yes, slingshots again became a dangerous tool to behold but hey, the birds always gets resurrected at the next level so we’re good.

Stella and her friends have their own special moves. Stella can ricochet herself to objects to deliver a brutal attack. Willow can blast through barriers and pigs. Poppy can turn into a tornado to drill into objects. Luca (the only boy in the group), can shatter glass with a shriek just like a banshee. Time slows down temporarily when you press and hold a bird, which allows you to aim your special attack, before speeding up again.

Check out Poppy’s deadly tornado in this short vine:

It is easier to keep track of your scores you need to gain more stars, which will unlock additional items and more birds for you to use. The more birds you unlock, the better you can progress through levels. A creative (but costly way) to gain in-game characters is to purchase an Angry Birds Stella Telepod, which can be scanned by your gadget’s camera and you can play as those birds in the game!

Check out some of these cute looking Angry Birds Telepods that you can own.

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Even when my Angry Birds phase was over years ago, these new ‘girl powers’ added spice to the known age-old Angry Birds formula that delivers renewed satisfaction. I planned to try a few levels but later on got sucked into the pastel coloured world of happily flung birds. It was addicting. Unfortunately, there is momentum killer here and those are the “smoke bombs”.

By level 23, these bombs go of every 10 levels or so, preventing you from moving on unless you pay a large sum of coins. Coins can be earned in the game but as what we often expect with free game apps, coin gathering is depressingly slow. You can wait for the smoke to clear up but it can take hours before you do so. Yes, hours. Bummer huh.

Angry Birds Stella world

There is a level wherein you have to wait 5 hours before you can play again if you opt not to buy coins. In my case, that might be a good thing because it will help me stop playing to do other things. Still, it calls for annoyance and in possibility can detour a player to find other games to play and completely forget about Angry Birds Stella.

You can hasten things up by buying coins and that can infuriate some players. In this era of endless entertainment, killing a momentum can be deadly. In my opinion, I’d rather I be told of a price beforehand than kill the mood while playing. Imagine yourself dining in a good restaurant, you are enjoying your food when you are interrupted to pay or else, they’ll whisk your plate right from under your nose. Wouldn’t you be infuriated?



Overall, Angry Birds Stella is very charming, fun, and to a degree addicting to play but i wouldn’t call it a wildly revolutionary experience. It has been done before with a few tweaks to spin-off a new version. I can play it again once in a while but it wouldn’t be something to diligently play or give some of my money to.

RATING: 3 / 5 stars      


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