Alpha Omega Review

Fun Fact


I’m not Writer, but I love words

I don’t consider myself a talented writer, but I am currently practicing the craft for my work. Given I read tons of books since I was a kid and I hoard information from the Web everyday, I think I have a pretty good set of vocabulary though I hardly use all of them every day.

Nevertheless, my vocabulary helps me appreciate word Puzzles such as NatGeo Bonza. These word puzzles are a good brain exercise tools to stimulate learning, and develop my logic & reasoning skills.

Imagine a digital Scrabble boardgame

When I first loaded Alpha Omega, the Scrabble game came to mind. The game used minimalist visuals of smooth, wooden grids of relaxing shades for the backdrop. The letter tiles are very intuitive to the touch. Each tile darkens when touched and plays an authentic-feeling tile sound which made everything look and feel real.

The rules of the game are easy. You swap tiles to form the right words. But you are limited moving each tile once. If you made a wrong move, you can’t move any more tiles and will be required to start again.

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You are given clues on each level to guide your work but you can’t always depend on them because there are levels wherein you have to figure the scrambled words on the stage to complete the letters of the clue. How’s that for making your life harder? But it’s all good fun.

The game has 360-word puzzles to go through and the game progresses at a very strict linear order. At certain checkpoints, you will be rewarded with themes you can install on the game. The themes fit with the overall ambient and soothing music that plays all throughout the game, making everything feel very zen and focused, which I think is necessary on any word game.

Challenges become harder as you go along

Just like in any other game, the first few levels are a teaser, helping you get the feel of the game before moving along to complex combinations of words you need to figure out. The good thing about this game is once you figure one word, you’ll be able to figure out more or less the other words. If you get stuck, there is a hints system you can use but use these sparingly. You’ll be given free 10 hints. Once you use them all up, you will need to purchase more hints in the In-app store.




I highly recommend Alpha Omega for word enthusiasts. Even if you don’t consider yourself a word expert, you can greatly benefit from this puzzle game as it helps flex your mental muscles while learning new words along the way.

RATING: 4.5 / 5 stars      

Alpha Omega Developer: by borderleap

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