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The Author, Chedie.

The Author, Chedie.

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When my then fiancee (now husband) gifted me with an iPad, the first thing I did besides downloading the Facebook app is look for a game. Trending games back them were simulation (e.g. Farmville) or action-based types that I didn’t last long with. I easily grew bored with the redundancy of game functions. I ended downloading ‘brain-juicing’ games, wherein you have to logically figure out events to proceed. I realized I liked those better.

I then discovered my affinity with puzzle games. Not just the typical rubix cube type or puzzle pieces you put together to see the whole picture. I’m especially on watch-out for the premium and paid ones. Those with high quality, with amazing atmospheres, textures, sounds, intuitiveness, engaging plot, etc. I don’t care if they aren’t free. If I deem the puzzle app is worth its cost, I’ll take it.

But finding really good ones irked me a bit. I had to regularly visit app related sites for updates on new puzzle apps. Even when I visit review sites, it frustrates me to find similar looking puzzles. It became too much work waiting for worthy puzzles to pop out.

This is the reason this blog was created. I know how helpful it is to find a review for an app before doing a download. We are smart consumers after all. This site expresses my love for puzzle games and sharing my passion with fellow puzzle game app lovers everywhere. I have taken the initiative to update everyone of past and up-and-coming excellent puzzle games through search engine notifications, networking with developers via social media, and accepting requests from various app studios.

Right now, I’m enjoying accepting app review requests from many developers. I also now have a system in being notified when an admirable puzzle game app is launched. I’m not as haggard in finding worthwhile games to play and to recommend to others.

About PuzzleGameApp

PuzzleGameApp is a blog that features fun puzzle games worth your time. Solving and playing puzzle games has been an enjoyable source of entertainment and beneficial medium for people of all ages for many years now. It is not a surprise why it is still a popular category in the mobile game space.

However with countless puzzle games coming out, it can be a waste of time and effort just finding the ones that provide the best possible gaming experience that you crave for in a puzzle game.

PuzzleGameApp saves you the time by being a convenient information source for great puzzle games, puzzle games that are both great looking and enjoyable to play with from start to finish. The blog also discusses how some gaming elements of the best puzzles help it receive much acclaim and word of mouth than the rest.

With PuzzleGameApp, you get a front seat view of the best puzzle games are out there; the ones that provide you with that great gaming experience puzzle oriented games can provide.